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Statewide Builder Brokers Pty Ltd is a new, innovative and rapidly expanding company in Adelaide offering individuals and developers a service with more flexibility and accountability from Builders. “I ensure our clients will not be “another number” in the system, they will be valued “Clients” throughout the entire building process”.

Unfortunately, there is a growing concern in regards to “Post Contract Variations” (particularly in relation to footings and earthworks). These variations combined with extensive build times, can leave clients both frustrated and disillusioned with the building process.

Statewide Builder Brokers Pty Ltd have carefully selected a panel of builders that generally build between 50 to 150 homes per year. They all guarantee build times and guarantee the highest level of personal, customer service. “I have negotiated strongly with these builders to ensure that they provide very competitive prices, exceptional service and a level of specifications to please the most fastidious of clients”

The Company Director, Ian Dunning has been involved in the property market and building consultancy industry for past 30 years which has enabled him to develop a sound knowledge of Adelaide’s builders.

Yes, there is a better way!


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