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We have been receiving quite a number of enquiries, asking if we can check their Builder’s quote before they sign the Contract. People appear genuinely concerned of “possible hidden costs” that unfortunately, arise quite often after the contract is signed.

It is a fact that most people pay for an inspection of a used car before they buy, then it makes sense with an invest of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to ensure that what you are about to sign for includes everything you want……with no surprises after!!


Special 15th Anniversary Announcement

In 2022 Statewide Builder Brokers celebrate 15 years serving South Australians, building their Family home and developing land for investment purposes. For a decade and half, we have actively listened to our client’s needs. We have brought their dreams to life through Architectural drawings, then present plans to our Engineers and to Council to obtain all approvals. Our Builders have consistently provided the most cost effective pricing and service.


What our clients are saying:

“engaging Ian to review our paperwork, enabled us to make really important changes early in the building process”
“the pre-contract check was, in hindsight, essential”

“it was important for us to find someone who we could trust and would put our best interest first, Ian did.”

“I strongly recommend anyone looking for help in the property development area to seek his assistance”

“Ian’s high degree of integrity. His remarkable breadth of experience, has helped me avoid numerous potential pitfalls in my building project”

“Ian helped us draw up our plans and made our vision come to life”