Builder’s Quote Check – Australia Wide Service

It is a well known fact that very few people purchase a second hand vehicle without getting an inspection report, (RAA report $300) to ensure everything is as it should be.

We are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a building project and very few are having the plans and quote checked before signing the contract.

It is also well known, that before signing a contract, the Builder is jumping through as many hoops as you want him to, just to get the contract signed. (I know, as I worked in Display Homes for 9 years) It makes sense then to know all the hoops you will need him to jump through before signing.

At Statewide Builder Brokers we have prepared and checked literally thousands of quotes over the past 25 years. Due to increasing demand, especially with unprecedented times in the Building Industry with Covid, we are offering a Builder’s Quote Check Service. Because of today’s technology, we can offer this service, Australia wide

We examine your plans and reference this with the Builder’s quote to ensure nothing is overlooked. We will identify and list any and all items that have not been included in the quote, but certainly will be charged for down the track.
Our fee for this comprehensive service is $385



Builder Brokers Service

Are you sick and tired of wasting countless weekends trudging around display homes, only to end up with about 20 brochures (and a huge headache). There is definitely an easier way. At Statewide Builder Brokers Pty Ltd, we do the running around for you. For clients wishing to build their dream home, to seasoned developers wishing to achieve maximum profit on a multi-dwelling unit site, we will source the best deal for YOU. Working closely with our personally selected panel of builders, we will choose those best suited to your development and budget. We obtain up to 3 quotes and ensure each are quoting identical specifications. As soon as the quotes are received we will present all quotes so you can choose the Builder.



Project Management

Are you considering sub-dividing your allotment but don’t know where to start? What is the first step? How many dwellings will fit? Will my proposal comply with council requirements? At Statewide Builder Brokers Pty Ltd, we take out the guess work. We offer a professional building design service at very competitive rates. Our experienced Surveyors ensure that all the relevant services are in place and we monitor your sub-division throughout the process, managing the project through to full Building Approval stage.